Shazz & Gazz’s Dinner Cookbook


Getting your children involved in making food at home is a wonderful teaching opportunity and children are more likely to eat food they’ve helped to prepare.

Recipes include Simple Salmon Fingers, Super Scrumptious Chicken, Mini Chicken meatloaf and more.


  • Tips to stay safe in the kitchen
  • Easy to follow, tested recipes
  • Each recipe step is coded to demonstrate steps little chefs can safely try themselves, and those which might require a big chef to assist.
  • Each recipe also has helpful tips from Wizard’s wand.
  • Everyday ingredients
  • We encourage healthy eating by using whole wheat bread and flour and minimal sugar

Designed for little chefs 3-8 and big chefs of all ages, the book is wire bound to lay flat while cooking, and every page is gloss laminated to easily wipe clean after use.