Frequently Asked Questions.

General questions

Yes! We would be happy to discuss this option with any venue that would like a book solely focused on their business. 

Can a song for any venue be created?

Yes! Our illustrators can produce whatever is required to fulfill the requirements of any venue.

Yes! We can produce a story about your venue.

Our team will be working with Austrade and Tourism Australia regarding a distribution model for overseas trade.

Yes!  In addition to wholesale prices for our venues, there are retail discounts for volume sales.

Yes, we will monitor the traffic to your venue from our Smelly Runner website on a regular basis and are happy to share the analysis.

Other questions

The time to illustrate and print books will depend on the requirements of the venue.

Yes! The opportunity exists to purchase licence agreements.

For up to 10 books estimated delivery is 5 to 10 Days from order date.  Larger orders may take a little longer.

Yes.   Each purchase will generate an email confirmation.

Yes! Yes, we offer wholesale pricing to venues, with discounts dependant on order quantities. You can then set your sale price according to the profit you wish to generate.

Yes, if the change of order is within 24 hours of order placement. Changes should be emailed to

Yes, as the QR Code will take you direct to the venue’s website to purchase tickets.

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